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Facilitation, Growth and Sustainability Business Consulting, Cape Town

We are skilled and experienced at facilitating people engagement at all levels and across all levels to optimise staff and bottom line performance levels through interactive problem solving and working towards a participative and co-creative organisational culture that consistently outperform competitors.

We specialise on the co-creation of business solutions providing a customised service to support middle management performance, value chain constraint identification, the development of measurable roll out plans, risk reduction and clarifying areas of uncertainty, as well as high performance organisational culture enhancement.

Our approach is hands on with tangible outputs as key deliverables.

Our Services:

Specialist ParticiPlan facilitation

The ParticiPlan facilitation method enables teams to visually map out a way forward based in planning operational roll out plans. The systems is interactive, enabling all participants’ voice to be heard in an anonymous process, which includes a democratic voting system to determine priorities.  Typically a contact session of 5 hours will progress a group of people from vision and mission through a gap analysis and leave with a developed outcomes based roll out plan.

Strategy co-creation to align staff and management business focus

Co-creation lies at the heart of business success and the ability to outperform competitors. Full buy-in from team members is imperative and by engaging in an interactive people centred way, everyone in an organisation will understand the organisational goals and their role in achieving it. By engaging staff at all levels in solution creation harnesses the collective wisdom of the people at the coal face, middle and senior management, delivering a co-created business focus.

Enhance middle management efficiency

Middle management operate facing significant challenges emanating from pressure to deliver from top management whilst being confronted with the realities of ensuring delivery by first line staff. By mapping the areas of constraint, co-created solutions enhance business efficiency by enhancing understanding of the roles every level in the organisation play, resulting in optimised performance based on realistic expectation of middle management’s contribution to business success.

Business process quality improvement and value chain optimisation

The European Framework for Quality Control (EFQM) provides a systemic review of business performance, focussing on business enablers (leadership, people, strategy, partnerships and resources, processes, product and services) and business results (people results, customer results, society results and business results). By using the EFQM model as a basis for performance review, the efficiency of the value chain is assessed and constraints identified for correction

People centred business process optimisation

The nature of the organisational culture has a direct bearing on the business processes and efficiency, resulting in the creation of winning companies. Organisational culture assessment is at the heart of focussed change management strategies, to determine if the organisational culture reflects the “old economy” (bureaucratic, hierarchical and authoritarian) or the “new economy”, (collaborative and joint problem solving) – the requirement for a winning organisation. Change strategies are developed around the critical outliers.

Data interpretation for decision making

Sound business decision making is based on the sound interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data. Often the raw data is difficult to interpret or the data collection method faced challenges. Skilled in both forms of data collection and interpretation, data is interpreted and presented in an understandable format for decision making and to inform further trends for business development.

Project assessment

In assessing project success, the distinction between product success and project success can only be measured by comparing the outcomes against the overall business strategy. By mapping the correlations between project and product success at the outset, during or after completion of the project enables the contribution to the business to be assessed that in turn informs investment decisions to support business success.

Proposal writing and presentation

The clear formulation of a concept document and operational roll out plan is at the heart of business development from new enterprises, raising investment or making a sales case and requires a specialist skill. By clarifying organisational needs and matching these with to the intended clients’ needs a winning proposal is created, as well as the required PowerPoint presentation focussing on the intended client.