About Us

In the Cornerstone approach we focus on augmenting our clients’ capacity to draw business solutions from within a company using the in-house expertise by drawing on the wisdom of the group.

This is achieved by harnessing the knowledge inherent in organisations at all levels through the use of expert facilitation techniques using the ParticiPlan method. This entails that everyone’s inputs are captured, valued and introduced to the development of business solutions irrespective of position in the company.

The benefits of our method is to reduce facilitation time by some 50% in a fully interactive and enjoyable session that delivers the agreed to outcomes. A major benefit is that the implementation plans developed are produced by the business’s staff themselves, thereby ensuring buy-in that enhances staff motivation which supports key business imperatives.

The process consists of about two pre-meetings to determine the outcomes sought, then a contact session of around 5 hours, which is followed by a written report detailing the decisions made at the facilitated session.

Implementation support then follows the decision-making facilitated session.

We draw on a group of highly experienced associates when additional skills are required.